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Trout Fishing Made Easy at Silverbrook U-Catch


At Silverbrook, our main goal is for all of our guests to enjoy the great tradition of fishing.  Our attendant will get you set up with everything you need to fish including: poles, bait and bucket.

Have some fun and come home with dinner! As you catch your fish, simply place them in your bucket and when you are finished bring your bucket to the attendant and they will measure the fish and figure out the cost.  – The prices for the most common size of our fish are listed below.

How it works

There is a $10 per person entrance fee. This entrance fee will be credited against the trout you catch.

Sorry No Catch and Release

This is strictly forbidden as caught fish seldom survive and injured fish can affect the overall health of the pond.

Build budget friendly memories!

We will provide everything you need to catch fish, bait, pole and bucket!

You don’t need a fishing license!

No license or permit required. Catch as many fish as you want – no limit.

Silverbrook's Rainbow Trout Pricing

10 Inches - $11.50

12 Inches - $15.00

14 Inches - $19.25

16 Inches - $23.50


 Contact us to facilitate your church, school or family group – prebooking required.
Please email us at

Take an Aerial Tour of the Silverbrook Trout Farm

Are there a lot of fish? – yes, yes there are

RULES and Regulations


  1.  No releasing or putting back any fish to any pond. If you allow the fish to flop back into the water after being caught and removed from the pond there will be a $100 penalty.
  2. Family entrance fee of $10 a person for 2 hours of fishing is a credit applied to purchases on the date it has been issued only.
  3. No refunds or forwarding of entrance fee credit to others.
  4. Each fish is measured in length for the cost according to the price list.
  5. No Credit Card payments. We accept only debit or cash.
  6. No strollers, coolers, backpacks, or bags allowed.
  7. No chairs or blankets allowed.
  8. No food, lunches or picnics allowed.
  9. No smoking or vaporizing on property.
  10.  No pets allowed on property or in vehicle.
  11.  No loitering around on property.
  12.  Management has the right to dismiss or refuse anyone at anytime.
  13. All groups that arrive must announce themselves to the attendant.
  14.  Not allowed to use your own fishing rod or equipment.
  15.  Not allowed to use your own bait. Bait is supplied for fishing purposes only.
  16.  No cleaning of fish on property.
  17.  You break, snag, and tangle any equipment. You pay the value of purchase and labor for the repair.
  18.  Any carelessness or disrespect to property by guests will be charged for damages.
  19.  Any occurred expenses will be added to purchase invoice.
  20.  Everyone must respect the social distance conduct.
  21.  You must stay in your COVID space number.
  22.  Pail must stay 10ft away from pond at all times.
  23.  Guests without proper attire will be dismissed.
  24.  Guests are responsible for their own belongings.
  25.  Do not open gates or cross over fence barriers.

Still have questions? – FAQs

We’ve provided answers to many frequent questions below

  • Do we need to book a reservation?
  • No Reservation required. First come first serve.
  • Can we bring our own fishing rods or fly rods?
  • Sorry we don’t allow any other equipment. The poles we supply are appropriate for the premises
  • Is it allowed for us to bring a BBQ or Lunch?
  • Sorry, we are not set up to have picnics or food prep in the pond area. Aldergrove Lake has a beautiful picnic and barbeque area and is only a short-distance away.
  • Are there any age restriction for children?
  • All ages are welcome to fish.
    • Can we bring our own bait?
    • Bait that is foreign needs to be inspected and approved before any introduction to our water source.
    • Is there an area to clean our fish before taking home?
    • No due to health board regulations we can not have the fish cleaned on the property.
    • What type of payments do you accept?
    • We accept Cash or Debit Card Only. Sorry we are not set up to accept credit cards.
    • Can we bring our dog?
    • Sorry we do not allow dogs.