The Easy Way to De-Bone Cooked Trout

how to debone a trout

The Easy Way to De-Bone Cooked Trout

In this video, we demonstrate the easy way to debone trout. First cook the trout using which ever method you prefer – for a quick easy recipe click here.

  1. First remove the fins
  2. Cut through the skin at the spine (near the tail of the fish) to give yourself an access point
  3. Hold the tail and then use your knife to gently push the meat down.  The cooked trout will split into two parts with the bones sticking to one side.
  4. Flip the fish over so that the bones are facing up and then starting near the tail grab the spine and gently lift  – you will be able to remove all the bones at once.

Easy Peasy


Comments (5)

  1. Steven

    Thanks for the video!

  2. Andy Thornton

    Such a great method. It worked perfectly. And here I was trying to debone before cooking. Way easier now! Thank you.

  3. Victoria

    Very helpful and I love your pup watching the whole process! ?

  4. David

    Excellent, thank you did the dog get any?

  5. Robert Green

    This is how I’ve been doing it since the first trout I’ve ever caught. Removes all the bones if you’re gentle when cleaning the trout. If you’re rough with the fish when cleaning you can break the bones and they will be left in the fish. But even then this will always remove at least 95% of the bones. Plus you save so much meat doing it this way vs cutting them out when raw. If you have family who can’t stand bones in their fish. Be gentle when cleaning and you’ll have beautiful boneless trout filets.

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