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“The best time to go fishing is when you can get away.”

Our History

40 + Years of Silverbrook U Catch Tradition

1971 – George & Kathy, Hay purchase the property on Bradner Road

1973 – They Open Silverbrook U-Catch Trout Farm

1998 – Dan Hay took over management of the Silverbrook Farm

2000 – Dan & Stef get married at farm

2002 – Dan & Stef’s kids, Stacey, Julie, David, Daniel & Joshua become helpers at the at the trout farm doing landscaping and pond maintaince and customer service.

2007 – Kim Hay takes over management of the Silverbrook Farm and is aided by Kaden & Zoey.

2013 – Kim marries long-time fiancee John Danyliuk at the farm

2015 – Dan & Stef Hay return to the farm and take over management of Silverbrook U-Catch Trout Farm

2017 – Dan & Stef added free range eggs, chicks, ducks and quail to the offerings through BC Farm Fresh.

Who We Are

Dan & Stef Hay: Owners

Stef calls the trout farm her hidden treasure. “Whenever I leave it seems like everyone is rushing around and the pace is so fast”. At the trout farm, everything is laid back and peaceful. I love being able to share this small island of tranquility with others. Dan & Stef married at the farm and have managed it first in the late 1990s, taking a break while Dan’s sister, Kim, took over and then returning in 2015.

Both Dan and Stef say that hearing a child’s delighted laughter as they catch their first fish is a truly joyous experience. One of their favourite things is meeting returning customers who were first brought to the trout farm as children by their parents and grandparents, now returning to introduce their own children to the fishing.

Looking back on many joyful years of fishing...
Man catching rainbow trout
Man catching rainbow trout
woman-catching-rainbow trout