FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a charge for admission? does it cost anything to get in?

A. No... there is free admission for everyone

Q. Do you have fishing rods available on the premises?

A. Yes, we have everything you will need to catch a fish.

Q. Can we purchase live Rainbow Trout to take home with us to stock our own private pond or aquarium so that we may enjoy their beauty?

A. No, Silverbrook U-Catch follows strict regulations enforced by Environment of Canada which prohibits us from selling live fish.

NOTE: You must be licensed by Environment of Canada in order to handle any live species of freshwater fish regardless of purpose, all regulations are strictly enforced, penalties severe if inviolate.

Q. Can we bring our family pet?

A. Unfortunately no pets are allowed to accompany you or your family while visiting Silverbrook U-Catch

NOTE: Management has restrictions pertaining to Guest Care and Safety and cannot assume the responsibility nor guarantee the safety, health, or proper care of A Beloved Pet which requires the necessary attention of their respective owners in order to maintain life expectency and sufficient protection against an untimely demise. Remember that even though the atmosphere at Silverbrook is pristine, relaxing, and seemingly civilized we are located in the country which by nature promotes wildlife in abundance.